Aurora AC Transformer with Photo Eye and Timer 40 or 100 Watt

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Aurora Deck LightingSKU: HT-DA-40-12W-1

Size: 40 Watts
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AC Transformer by Aurora Deck Lighting provides safe 12V AC power to your low voltage outdoor lighting. Includes a built in photo eye sensor or timer to program your lights to automatically turn on at dusk, then set your preferred duration. Use for installing low-voltage outdoor deck lights.

Product Details

  • 12 Volt AC Transformer
  • Maximum output 40 Watts or 100 Watts
  • Weather resistant plastic housing
  • For incandescent and LED lights
  • Built-in photo eye and timer

    How to determine transformer size?

    • Multiply number of lights by watts per fixture.
    • Add 10% for wiring and connections. 
    • Optional: Leave room for more lights in the future.
    • Round up to the next closes transformer size.
    • To avoid early bulb burnout, use at least 50% of the total transformer size. 
    Sample: 24 LED lights x 1 watt per light, plus 10%
    24 x 1 = 24 + 2.4 = 26.4, Round up = 27 watts total
    Use a 36 watt DC transformer. 


    • Always check the lighting specifications for recommended transformer type. 
    • AC transformers are most often used with incandescent fixtures and some have built-in photo eye and/or timers. 
    • DC transformers are used with most LED fixtures. Since LED lights typically require less power per fixture (only 1 to 3 watts), DC transformers are usually smaller in size and are designed in lower wattages. 
    • Some higher end LED fixtures are rated for both AC and DC power.


    Product Specifications
    Type AC (Incandescent or LED)
    Voltage 12 Volts AC
    Size 40 watts or 100 watts
    Timer Yes
    Dimmers No 
    Usage Incandescent and LED lighting systems
    Manufacturer Aurora Deck Lighting
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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