Having garden lights added to your outdoor space can enhance its beauty and ambiance. It's an excellent way to extend your time spent in your garden, especially during nighttime. However, with great lighting comes the responsibility of waterproofing them to ensure their durability and safety. In this blog post, we'll discuss some tips and tricks on how to waterproof garden lights effectively.

How to waterproof garden lights

Choose waterproof lights

The first step in waterproofing your garden lights is to choose waterproof lights at the onset. Some garden lights are labeled as waterproof, while others are not. If you already have garden lights installed, you can check if they're waterproof by looking at their IP (Ingress Protection) rating. The IP rating is an industry standard that determines the level of protection the light has against dust and water. The higher the IP rating, the more waterproof your outdoor garden lights are.

How to waterproof garden lights

Seal your outdoor lighting

After purchasing waterproof lights, the next step is to make sure they're correctly sealed. You can purchase silicone or heat shrink wrapping to seal the light fixtures. You can apply silicone directly on the gaps and holes on the light casing to prevent water from seeping in. Heat shrink wrapping is excellent for sealing the wires and connectors into the bright light fixture. Make sure to seal any gaps that you find and ensure that the material used is waterproof.

How to waterproof garden lights

Place lights in a safe location

The placement of the lights is essential in waterproofing them since it can help avoid potential hazards such as tripping on the wires or knocking over the light fixture. When installing your patio lights or solar pathway lights, make sure they're placed in a safe location, away from traffic areas, and areas with heavy foot traffic. You can also opt for in-ground lighting that is flush mounted, making them less prone to accidents.

How to waterproof garden lights

Waterproof outdoor lights connectors

Connectors act as an intermediary between the light fixture and the wires. It's essential to waterproof your connectors to prevent water from seeping into your garden string lights. You can seal your connectors by wrapping them with silicone tape, which is excellent in keeping moisture and water away from your connections. Heat shrink tubing is also an option. Just remember that the materials you use to seal the connectors must be waterproof.

How to waterproof garden lights

Install waterproof electrical boxes

Waterproofed electrical boxes also play a crucial role in ensuring the durability of your garden lights. Make sure to use waterproof electrical boxes when installing the wiring for your garden lights. These boxes not only protect the wiring from water but also from extreme weather conditions. It's an excellent investment that can save you money and prevent potential hazards from happening.

Waterproofing your garden lights is essential in keeping them safe and enhancing their durability. The tips mentioned above will help you waterproof your garden lights effectively. If you're looking for garden lighting options, make sure to choose waterproof lights and always put safety in mind when installing them. By taking these steps, you'll enjoy the beauty and illuminate your garden lights at night for years to come.