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Flameless Candles


Battery Operated Pillars, Tapers, Tealights and Votive Candles 

Ideal Garden Lights sells a wide variety of battery operated flameless timer candles. Our LED candles have built-in timers and adds a soothing glow to any space with ease, convenience and safety. Set the timer once, and the flameless candles will turn on and off at the same time and duration each night. Perfect for outdoor lighting, holiday decorating, special events, night lights and more. Choose from pillars, tapers, tealights and votives in a variety of sizes and colors. Buy your flameless candles today!

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Pacific Accents flameless candles create the ambiance and appeal of real candles with added ease and safety and come in many sizes: pillar, taper, votive and tea lights. All our candles are battery operated. Pillars come with a handy 4 or 8 hour timer. Set the timer once and they turn on at the same time and duration each day. Taper, votive and tea lights have an on/off switch.
Battery operated flameless candles can be used anywhere safely: inside bookcases, on window sills. patios, porches,  or even poolside. Our pillar candles come in real wax to use indoors or resin for indoor/outdoor use. Some flameless candles have a melted wax appearance. Use varying sizes of flameless pillar candles along with votives, tapers and flickering tea lights to create a relaxing mood. Perfect for parties and to give away as gifts.
Flameless pillar candles are perfect for the patio or deck--even on windy days. Use flameless candles to enhance your existing outdoor lighting. The built-in timer adds convenient radiance every night. Place them in bedrooms, powder rooms and table tops for a reliable soothing glow each night. Battery operated flameless candles are safe around children and pets. Use pillars, votives and tea lights with holiday decorations--the timer comes in handy. Light tapers each night at the dinner table.
Which to choose: pillar, taper, votive, tea light? All our battery operated flameless candle sizes can be purchased alone or with beautiful candle holders. And the batteries can last for months. Our flameless candles are also unscented, so they are perfect for people who are normally allergic to scented types. Just set the timer, relax and enjoy the ambiance.