6x6 Darcy Carriage Style Solar Post Cap Lights for (Set of 2)

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Atlantic SolarsSKU: PL66BK-BW-CL

Color: Black
Lens Style: Clear
LED Temperature: Bright White
Sale price$42.00


The traditional carriage style Darcy Solar Post Cap offers multiple customization options and sold as a set of 2 for an affordable way to add lighting to your deck, fence or gate posts. Made of durable, heat resistant plastic and available in 4 popular finishes: Black, White, Copper or Silver. 

**Copper and Silver lights have stainless steel tops with a copper or silver paint finish for added durability. Remaining parts are made of sturdy plastic. 

**White plastic may yellow or discolor over time. We recommend applying a protective sealant or paint to white lights before installing.

Customize your lights:  Lights come standard with a clear lens and bright white LEDs. Each set can be upgraded to frosted lens and/or LEDs in warmer hues: Soft White, Warm Whites or Amber. Choose upgrades before adding to cart.

  • Lens upgrades are $7 per set of 2 lights
  • LED upgrades are $7 per set of 2 lights

Post Size: Designed to fit a variety of 6x6 posts. Measure your post for the best fit.

  • Fits 6x6 nominal wood posts measuring 5-1/2" x 5-1/2"
  • Will fit full 6x6 posts measuring a true 6" x 6"

Easy to Install:  Slips over the top of your post. Secure the base to your post using the included screws. Align the light and twist to secure to base. 

Easy Maintenance: For longest run times and best overall performance make sure your light can receive at least 4 to 6 hours of bright direct sunlight to charge the battery. More sun exposure will equal longer run times. Replace rechargeable battery every 1-2 years or as needed.

Shipping: This item typically ships by the next business. Customizing the LEDs and/or Lens Style may add an extra 1-2 days to ship date.


Product Details:

  • Set of 2 Solar Post Cap Lights per box
  • Available Colors: Black, White, Silver or Copper.
  • Materials: Heat resistant plastic
  • Copper and silver colored lights have stainless steel tops with a faux copper or silver finish.
  • 5  Super Bright LEDs per light. Choose your LED color when ordering.
  • New and improved solar panel for longer and brighter light output.
  • Product Dimension : 7.5" dia x 12" high
    • Can also be flat mounted on any flat surface measuring 6-1/2" square or larger. Perfect on top of columns or gate posts.
      • Includes 3.2V 550mAh Lithium Ion Battery- can last up to 2 years before needing replacement. (Will not work with NiCads or Ni-MH rechargeables.)
      • Up to 10 hours of light on a full charge.
      • Manufacturer: Atlantic Solars™          
      • 60 day manufacturer warranty


      Includes a single dual-sized base to fit 5-1/2" to full 6" posts. Measure your post for the best fit.

      For 5-1/2" Posts: Top half of the base opening measures: 5-3/4 "X 5-3/4" 
      For nominal wood posts measuring 5-1/2" x 5-1/2"--your post will slide to the very top portion of the base. The opening measures 5-3/4". Overlaps your post by 7/8 inch. Use the two included screws to center and secure the base to your post. 

      For true 6x6 Posts: Bottom half of the base opening measures: 6-1/16" X 6- 1/16" 
      Will fit over a post with a true 6" dimension. A 6x6 inch post will slide to the bottom 1/2" of the base. Use the two included screws to center and secure the base to your post. 

      Base proportion will vary depending on the size ordered.  Lights for smaller posts will have a smaller base.  



      • Designed with 5 Bright LEDs per light
      • Available in 5 LED color options
        • Comes standard in bright white (best seller)
        • Or upgrade to:
          • Soft white (customer favorite--most natural warm glow)
          • Warm White (Lighter yellow)
          • Golden Warm White (similar to vintage style lights)
          • Amber


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